The Flight of the Sparrow (purplelucrezia) wrote in film_icons_4_u,
The Flight of the Sparrow

Marlon Brando Help

Hi, I've recently been growing into a huge Marlon Brando fan, and wanted to share that interest with some of the great people in livejournal. Unfourtunately though, there's only one community dedicated to the great man thus far... There's a minimal amount of members still, although I've been doing my very best to get some of my livejournal friends to join, and help build it up. However, I would really appreciate some pretty icons or banners to do so, and I'm thus calling upon the skill of the people here!
Would anyone be willing to help us out?
Some of the pictures that I personally like the best, and that might be alright to work from, may be found here. Thanks so much in advance...
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